Sunday, May 28, 2006

Mold Removal: A Blue Chip Stock

Dear Lisa,
I'm sorry I didn't call or come by last week when I passed through New Orleans. I wouldn't have been good company. Midday in May, cool breezes mocked the emptiness of Jackson Square where I sat on a bench and cried. There was no Farmer's Market. The handful of the vendors in the Flea market were selling off their trinkets and t-shirts, 60% off--at cost--closing up. There was no streetcar running up St.Charles and no Camelia Grill at the corner of St. Charles and Carrollton. Mandina's wasn't there on Canal with its "Air Conditioned" neon sign in the window. Beautiful, verdant, quiet Lakeview was all but gone except but for trashed houses and mountains of black rubbish bags. I cut my three day trip to 24 hours.